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The circuits for the industrial heritage, are a unique project at national level, by its management model. Visits to the various factories and institutions, partners of the project are scheduled and programed only by the Welcome Center of Industrial Tourism. Therefore, a single contact is made with one institution, which will make the entire schedule with the chosen locations.
How To Make A Reservation
• Fill in correctly the Booking Form* that can be found here.
• Wait for the e-mail from the Industrial Tourism Reservation Center with a program proposal and costs of the visit.
• Respond to the email approving or making suggestions for a program change.
• After receiving the email with the approval of the program, the Reservation Center will request availability to the chosen companies / locations. As soon as we are informed of the availability, an email will be sent confirming the final program of the visits.
• After receiving this email, you must confirm the visit program, inform the final number of students and pay the indicated amount until 48 hours before the visit.
• Send the proof of payment to the Reservation Center, to the email turismoindustrial@cm-sjm.pt.
Alterations To Reservation
In the event of a change in the number of participants or the need to cancel the appointments, the communication must be made up to 48 hours before the date of the visit.
Failure to notify the change of participants may imply:
• If the number of participants is lower: the total payment of the number initially indicated;
• If the number of participants is higher: the unfeasibility of visit to the number of participants exceeding the number initially indicated.
Before The Visit
The person in charge should expedite the division of the group, as indicated in the email sent with the final program.
In order not to cause disturbances within companies, and in order to provide a rich and enjoyable experience, the following rules of conduct must be known to all visitors:
• Respect the guide, visiting space, employees and other visitors;
• Respect the signage that is in the place of visit, for example: hygiene and safety standards, prohibition of taking photographs and filming, etc.;
• Always follow the track that identifies the circuit or the directions of the guide;
• Collaborate for the fluidity of the circuit, always following the group and the guide;
• Avoid making noise in the places of visit, especially in administrative areas;
• Keep sites as they were;
• For safety reasons, you are not allowed to touch any object, machine or equipment without the prior authorization of the guide;
• To solve a problem, you must go directly to the guide.
If the group does not conduct themselves in accordance with these rules of conduct, they risk seeing their visit canceled, even if it has already begun.
On The Day Of The Visit
The group must go to the Welcome Center of Industrial Tourism - located in the Oliva Tower - and the person in charge of the group must identify herself and confirm the total number of visitors.
It must be accompanied by the identification credentials of the teachers who accompany the group, to enjoy free admission.
The group should already be divided into several smaller groups (if indicated previously), to facilitate the delivery of materials needed for the visits (clothing and audio devices) and expediting the visit.
After the reception, the group will be accompanied by the guides to the places of visit, being all necessary trips, carried out in the transportation of the visitors.
At the end of the visits, the group must return to the Welcome Center of the Industrial Tourism for the return of the materials used in the visits.
Important Notes
It’s extremely important to comply with the agreed timetables for a full visit or activity.
We suggest that each group of 10 students be accompanied by a teacher/adult who will be responsible for their behavior during the visit.
The person in charge for the reservation must check the visiting conditions of the places that they want to visit, since, not all are accessible to visitors with limited mobility.

Payment must be made, preferably by bank transfer, until 48 hours before the visit.
If the number of visitors is different from the number of tickets transferred (value of the bank transfer), the Municipality of S. João da Madeira will refund the difference, if indicated up to 48 hours before the visit, when the value is equal or higher than € 15.
Transportation between the places of visit is the responsibility of the group.
The capacity of the bus should not exceed 55 seats nor exceed 15 meters, so that it can circulate on all roads of the city and does not compromise the program of the visit.
Drivers must be informed in advance of all journeys to be made between the places of visit.
* Must fill in the data requested in the Reservation Form in order to ensure a personalized visit schedule and ensure the quality and safety of the visit.
By completing the Booking Form, you are accepting that your data is only used for purposes related to the schedule of the visit, including billing and statistics.

The information needed to schedule the visit can be found here.
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