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The temporary exhibition room of the Chapelaria Museum presents, for the first time, the collection of a national hat creator, Luís Stoffel.
It was at Teatro de Revista, as a costume designer and prop maker, that he discovered his true passion: millinery.
Inevitably, the dramatic power of his creations ended up conquering one of the most recognized personalities of the Portuguese Revue Theater, Filipe La Féria.
In this exhibition, 77 timeless pieces are presented, which are distinguished and distanced from those currently produced by the disposable world of fast fashion.
There are hats, headdresses, fascinators and sculptural head accessories, some created specifically for this exhibition and others that will integrate the museum's collection. They are also masks. Because the COVID-19 pandemic dictated the closure of concert halls. When “the curtain closed” and the world went into lockdown, Luís Stoffel found a new creation object, the mask, where he applied his craft skills, intrinsic to the art of millinery.
In this way, for the first time in Portugal, in the large temporary exhibition space of the Museu da Chapelaria, a unique collection is presented, where the fashion accessory and the object of art are confused. An imprecise border that is essentially due to the materials used, the meticulous and refined finish of each of his creations, the use of haute couture techniques and exceptional creativity.

Patent at the Hat Museum from 21 of may 2022 to 30 of april  2023.

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