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Schedule a visit
- Fill out the reservation form correctly here.
- Wait for the email of the Industrial Tourism Center with the proposed program and costs of the visit.
- Respond to the email with approval or suggestions to change the program.
- The Central will request the availability to the companies / places requested, once they confirm the visits, an email will be sent confirming the visits.

Schedule changes
In the event of changes in the number of participants or cancellation of appointments, communication must be made up to 48 hours before the date of the visit.
Failure to notify the change of participants may entail:
- If the number of participants is smaller: the total payment of the number initially indicated;
- If the number of participants is greater: the impossibility of visiting the number of participants exceeding the number initially indicated.
On the day of the visit
The group must go to the Welcome Center of Industrial Tourism - located in the Oliva Tower - and the person in charge of the group must identify and confirm the total number of visitors.
It must be accompanied by the identification credentials of the teachers who accompany the group, to enjoy free admission.
The group should already be divided into several smaller groups (if indicated previously), to facilitate the delivery of the materials needed for the visits (clothing and audio devices).
After the reception, the group will be accompanied by the guides to the places of visit, being all necessary trips, carried out in the transportation of the visitors.
At the end of the visits, the group must return to the Welcome Center of the Industrial Tourism for the return of the materials used in the visits.

Important notes
It is extremely important to comply with the agreed timetables for a full visit or scheduled activity.
It is suggested that 1 teacher be followed for each group of 10 students, who is responsible for the behavior of the group during the visit.
The payment must be made, preferably, by bank transfer, up to 48 hours before the visit.
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