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Viarco is the only pencil factory in Portugal and it's most likely one of the most versatile in the World. Its history it's old and starts in Vila do Conde in the year 1907 and in that time it was known as "Portugália - Portuguese Pencil Factory". In 1931 it had a turning point when Manoel Vieira Araújo, an industrial experienced milliner buys the company. In the year 1936 it's registered the brand that would become iconic and very popular between portuguese generations - Viarco. Five years later, in 1941, the company changes its headquarters to S. João da Madeira, where it still remains nowadays. Always paying attention to the industry evolution Viarco produces a wide range of technical and ordinary pencils, and also manufacture some more specific on demand. The company has a strong social responsability and frequently creates partnerships in order to contribute in causes related with education, culture and solidarity. The creation of a Pencil Museum and providing studios for young artists in the beginning of career are some of the projects being developed.

  Visit days:  Monday to Friday
 Shedule:  9h30 - 12h00 and 14h00 - 16h00
 Visit interruptions:  Agust and Holidays
 Pre booking:  5 days
 Number of visitors:  Min. 5 - Max. 20
 Minimum Age:  4 years
 Languages:  Portuguese, English, Spanish and French
 Duration:  60 minutes
 Factory shop:  Yes
 Workshop:  Yes
 Museum room:  Yes
 Showroom:  Yes


Adress:  Rua Jaime Freixo, 533 / 3700-144 S. João da Madeira
Site: www.viarco.pt
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