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  • Núcleo de Arte da Oliva
  • Núcleo de Arte da Oliva
  • Núcleo de Arte da Oliva
  • Núcleo de Arte da Oliva
The reconversion of zone 2 of Oliva, emblematic of the industry of S. João da Madeira and unique in the modernist architectural heritage, marked a turning point, a change of orientation and paradigm in the productive function of the factory. At this turn, the Creative Factory's Art Center plays a key role in anticipating a future based on the appreciation of creative thinking and the link between artistic practice and other productive contexts. It's, therefore, a meeting place of expressions, ideas and creative strategies of origin and diverse motivations. This cohabitation is seen today as a necessary condition of development and innovation, in establishing the field of improbable combinations between familiar ideas, of transforming existing ideas, but also of their application and implementation in the social fabric. The Art Center of Oliva's mission is to stimulate public dialogue with contemporary art and culture. For this, it has a temporary exhibition space.

Tuesday to Sunday | 10 am - 12:30 pm and 2 pm - 5:30 pm

Industrial Tourism and the Núcleo de Arte da Oliva (Art Centre)
Promotional tour package – Public in general
Partners in the promotion of industry and art in S. João da Madeira, the Industrial Tourism Project and the Núcleo de Arte da Oliva present a promotional package including guided tours to factories, the Hat Museum and art exhibitions.

Through the tour, “Industry and art side by side”, the Industrial Tourism and the Núcleo de Arte da Oliva offer their visitors a fulfilling view of the S. João da Madeira city, both in its industrial and cultural aspects.

This package combines all the partners in the Industrial Tourism Project (factories + Hat Museum) and the Núcleo de Arte da Oliva with its unique collections: Art Brut Collection and Contemporary Art Collection.

Unique experiences with complete sensations are the value of this tour, which gives the visitors the opportunity to choose among different themes, the one that is best suited to their features.

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