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S. João da Madeira - From ancient civilizations to Nowadays

S. João da Madeira area was once populated by Celts, Romans, Arabs and Visigoths and there are still some remaining evidences of those civilizations occupation. The first written reference of S. João da Madeira dates from 1088.

The Industrial Revolution in the XIX century conducted the city to a great development and growth. First there was the milliner and the dairy industries, and later the footwear that is still considered very important nowadays. In 1888 was founded the new city church and in 1908 the Portuguese king D. Manuel II inaugurates Vale do Vouga line, a railway that allowed S. João da Madeira to be supplied.

The progress continued with the improvement of roads and the city access, electric power supply, the construction of a hospital and the appearance of a local patriotic group (Grupo Patriótico Sanjoanense). These happenings lead S. João da Madeira to be considered a County in 1926. Later, in 1984, due to arquitectonic, sportive, social, cultural and urban development, still in constant growth in the present day, it’s given to S. João da Madeira the status of City.

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