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Molaflex Colchões S.A., started its activity in S. João da Madeira in 1951. It's a company that bets on innovation, through the constant introduction of new technologies, combined with the know-how of the group, being a pioneer in the manufacture of springs mattresses in Portugal.
Its products are present in several countries - Spain, England, Brazil, Chile and Cuba - and is recognized as a benchmark in the market. The quality of Molaflex products is key to the company's success. The policies of the management system are based on fundamental principles in order to improve the environmental performance of its activities, products and services.
The company has systematically invested in the means and equipment needed to respond to customer requirements, but in a non-polluting manner, assuming its social responsibility. The various awards awarded over the years are a recognition of the quality and innovation of its products.

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Adresse: R. do Orreiro 89, 3700-211 São João da Madeira
Site: www.molaflex.com


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