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Next to the Stadium Conde Dias Garcia, a new sports space was born, named Sports Training Center in place of the old municipal "bare" field.
The construction of this space was one of the great bets of the Municipality, being an important step that was given to satisfy the demand that is verified, namely in the different levels of the young soccer of Sanjoanense that already involves, approximately 300 participants. A number in which responsiveness began to be scarce, requiring a solution. Thus the construction of this center offers a sports structure capable of receiving not only these athletes, but many others. Being the area of ​​intervention of approximately 15 thousand square meters, this complex contemplates: three synthetic turf fields (one for eleven players, one for seven players, and one specific training center), four looker rooms for the players and two more for coaches and referees, a first aid station, sauna, jacuzzi, physiotherapy room, storage area, a small amphitheater and a bar. They also have a covered double-deck bench with a capacity of 850 people. The Sports Training Center is equipped with equipment that was installed in stadiums built for Euro 2004, and this is a great privilege for S. João da Madeira, which now has a sports complex in the center of the city of great quality.
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