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The São João da Madeira municipal swimming pool complex, in the Paulo Pinto Sports Complex, started to count with a water park in the summer of 2016, a new offer that has become even more attractive this equipment much sought after by people of all the region.

They are two large water slides, the largest of which is about 70 meters long and one is approximately 30 meters long.

Because these "toboggans" are not for smaller children, the House decided in parallel to move forward with another intervention in the sense that they put aquatic fun equipment in the kiddie pool.

Thus, this large municipal outdoor leisure space, which has three swimming pools - one of 50 meters, one of jumps and one for children -, playground, extensive grassy lawn and bar, now also offers a sliding area of water and toboggans and playful water equipment for the little ones.

This enhancement of the outdoor pools has further strengthened its status as a major pole of regional attraction. This is confirmed by the increase in the number of users compared to previous years.
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