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Originally known as the Corgas Sports Complex, this sports space was one of the first to be implemented in S. João da Madeira.

Built to respond to various needs, it consists of four tennis courts, volleyball and beach football venues, an Olympic pool of eight corridors with dimensions of 50x25 meters, a pool jumping area, a children's pool, indoor and outdoor bar. This complex also includes a Sports Pavilion for the practice of various modalities such as basketball, handball, combat sports, gymnastics and futsal.

Since September 11, 2004, this equipment became known as the Sports Complex Paulo Pinto in posthumous tribute to the great basketball player from our city, who disappeared in March 2002. However, several improvements were made at the site in order to be able to the proper dignity to the attribution of the athlete's name to the sports space where he played and trained so many times.

This equipment is in operation seven days a week.
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