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Founded in 1981 under the direction of Professor Augusto Pereira de Sousa, the academy centers its activity in the music teaching, but it’s also open to other cultural events, aiming the population participation and the culture promotion.

Nowadays is directed by Professora Nelly Santos Leite and a teaching staff with more than 20 teachers that teach multiple instruments in basic and advanced levels, like the piano and guitar, but also unknown instruments like violeta and trombone.

The Academy promotes concerts, workshops, contests and seminars related with music and its promotion next to the population.

09h00 - 12h00 / 14h00 - 18h30

Address: Rua Visconde, 3700-269 - S. João da Madeira
Tel: +351 256 826 692
Fax: +351 256 281 800
E-mail: acamusi.sjm@netvisao.pt
Website: www.academiademusica-sjm.net

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