November Jazz 2019

7 de novembro de 2019
November Jazz 2019: A Festival in the Feminine
S. João da Madeira
November Jazz 2019: A Festival in the Feminine
Maria João Ogre Trio's concert opens on Friday. Shirley King, daughter of the legendary B. B. King, They and Jazz and Jacinta are the other names on this year's poster.
The Municipality of S. João da Madeira continues throughout the current month, the festival November Jazz, in a second edition that takes place in the female. As noted by Gisela Borges, coordinator of the Casa da Criatividade program, this concert hall “will host a cartography of sounds and striking voices that will surprise”.
Thus, during the event, Maria João Ogre Trio, Shirley King, They and Jazz and Jacinta “will rise to a stage that will change to the image of each project”, reflecting “challenging, heterogeneous and complementary proposals”.
Jazz club atmosphere is new
In relation to 2018, the festival's debut year, there are news that begin right in the way the audience will be received, with the “creativity house foyer” transformed into a small jazz club, where before each concert - from 9:00 pm - there will be a warm-up ”.
These moments will count on the involvement of the musical projects “38 Degrees of Jazz” and “Jazz Fever”, as well as the “Arte do Som” school, which “accepted the challenge and will do the honors of the House, always committed to keep the repertoire in the feminine ”.
Special musicatos
There will also be a Musicatos Jazz, in partnership with the S. João da Madeira Music Academy. This initiative, which normally happens in the Palace of Culture, will move to the House of Creativity, but will maintain the free admission policy. Ricardo Resende will bring his Jazz Quartet in a peculiar format, and in a date to be announced soon.
The November Jazz starts this Friday, November 8th, with Maria João and Ogre Trio. On November 15, American Shirley King, daughter of the legendary BB King, will give a concert not to be missed. The project “They and the Jazz” takes the stage on November 22 and the Portuguese Jacinta enters the scene on November 29.
Tickets are for sale at the usual venues (Casa da Criaividade, Paços da Cultura and Torre da Oliva) and at
S. João da Madeira, November 6, 2019

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