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The permanent or long-term exhibition covers seven distinct areas, spread over three floors.
Each area refers to a different manufacturing phase, and in this area the machines and tools that contribute to the process and respective raw materials from each process are presented, as well as the testimonies of many ex-workers who made these machines to function.

Intending to stimulate a multisensorial visit, the Museum offers visitors various raw materials that can be seen, touched, smelled ... felted. At the same time, and because the sounds of machines and tools are an important element of the manufacturing world, we reproduce in each one of the sectors or working areas the sounds that would be heard if these same machines were working.

Before the visit finishes the visitor can watch the hats finishing. On the workbench, D. Deolinda, a former employee of the Industrial Company of Chapelaria, finishes the hats that will be sold in the store, explaining to the visitors the different phases of the finishing of a hat.

Patent at the Hat Museum.

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