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The company Bulhosas [Irmãos], S.A. founded in São João da Madeira in the year 1935 by the hands of Alberto Rodrigues Bulhosa is an example of adaptation to the change of times in the city.
Currently managed by the 3rd generation of the family, Bulhosas is mainly engaged in the production of self-adhesive labels in sheet and reel, in paper and in self-adhesive paper and film, labels and counter labels, as also to the production of injected plastic parts, such as hangers, clips, cup holders, among others, diversifying its product offer and, thus, covering various types of public.

Where the past is confused with the most advanced technology in the graphic industry, in the visit to Bulhosas, visitors know the history of the company in its museum room, where are exposed machines and catalogs of labels that have crossed generations, followed a visit to the current facilities, where it's possible to observe the operation of the machines and the consequent production of labels.

Bulhosas is an example of great adaptability to the market in which it's inserted, being a reference in the national and international markets, producing for well-known brands.
The contrast between the past and the present of the graphic sector in Portugal is only one of the important characteristics of the visit to Bulhosas.



Adress: Av. Primeiro de Maio, 3700-089 São João da Madeira
Site: www.bulhosas.com

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