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In 1960, one of the most emblematic works of S. João da Madeira took place, for the enormous symbolism that has in the affirmation of the county as land of people of great dynamism. As a result of the determination and the neighborhoods of the local population, the Sports Pavilion was inaugurated that year, which became the "home" of the largest club in the municipality: Associação Desportiva Sanjoanense.

Sidónio Pardal was the chairman of the Administrative Commission and a major promoter of the project, along with its vice president, Eduardo Duarte. But the work was only possible thanks to the widespread participation of the people of S. João da Madeira, not only through donations in cash, but also in material and even in work. A joint effort that made Sanjoanense one of the first national clubs to have its own flag.

The inauguration of the Sports Pavilion - February 13, 1960 - is one of the most striking moments in the sporting history of the county of S. João da Madeira, attracting a huge crowd, who had the opportunity to watch roller hockey games Involving FCPorto, Benfica, CF Arrahona (Spain) and the home team.

Since then, the venue has been the stage for exciting matches, not only for roller hockey, but for several other sports, especially basketball and handball. But the great moment will have been even in the hockey patinated with the conquest of the Cup of the Cups of the modality.

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