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Throughout history, thousands of fashion accessories have been created in the most varied formats, colors, materials and themes, among which the hat and the fan have had special relevance.

If Nature gave them form, humanity gave them functions and meanings. Created to serve as a means of protection or weapons, used as a means of communication and social affirmation, coveted as design objects or true works of art, the hat and the fan represent an important part of the cultural diversity of societies around the world.

For the first time, the collections of the Museu da Chapelaria and the Museu Nacional do Traje are gathered in an exhibition that will seek to present some of the most unique and exquisite fans, hats, headdresses and head accessories for women, men and children used throughout the world .

As part of the Lisbon European Green Capital programme, this exhibition will be presented simultaneously at the Museu Nacional do Traje and Loja Capital Verde Europe 2020, in Lisbon, and at the Museu da Chapelaria, in S. João da Madeira.

Patent at the Hat Museum from 25 June 2021 to 2022.

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