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Conceived from the Norlinda and José Lima Collection, the exhibition starts from the works cataloged in the respective collection as "photographs", in order to relate to other works of different categories - video, installation, painting or drawing - and with which it shares the theme directly or indirectly invoking the mechanisms of human perception and attentive observation of the world.

The project is inspired by the so-called “Observer Effect” [Observer Effect] of quantum physics, which measures the changes that the act of observing has on the objects contemplated: “a conscious mind can directly affect reality”. Considering this premise, a selection of works gathered in this exhibition intends to verify, from different approaches, whether our gaze can transform the world. Or not.

Between light and darkness, contemplation and unconsciousness, entropy and order, painting and photographic images, fixed or in motion, digital or analog, this exhibition offers a reflection on how we look to build a reading of the collection that it transcends the boundaries between disciplines and, in which, spectators are called to exercise their visual acuity.

Patent at the Centro de Arte Oliva from 19 June 2021 to 13 February 2022.

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