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Carolin Holzhuber is a shoe designer born in Austria. His creations reflect fascination with the sublime. Now confused, sometimes disturbing, his shoes seem to defy the laws of physics, and illusion is an essential element of his aesthetic. His creations, combining modernity and craftsmanship, seek an artistic reflection on concepts or creative interpretations of the environment that surrounds it. Carolin Holzhuber wants to destroy the line that separates the Art of Fashion. It is free when it tears the boundaries of what we think is the 'wearable' and the 'beautiful'. She is free when she calls one of her collections "NO" and when, through her, she criticizes the fashion industry and its dizzying rhythms and unbalanced cycles.
This is Carolin Holzhuber's first exhibition in Portugal.

Inauguration on October 11, 2018.
Patent in Shoe Museum until april 28 2019.
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